Can airsoft guns kill? Not really and here’s why.

The resemblance between Airsoft guns and real firearms is uncanny. With the orange tip taken out. (I would highly advise against it), you could not tell the difference between them. This particular resemblance led me to wonder, can airsoft guns kill? I did some digging in the internet and here is what I found.

Stock Airsoft guns cannot kill. They can barely penetrate the skin when shot from point blank. It is therefore nearly impossible for an airsoft gun to cause an injury that would lead to death. Even with modifications, your airsoft gun would only fly fast enough to penetrate the skin but not deep enough to hit any organs that would result to death when they are hit.

Why Airsoft Guns can’t kill

Airsoft guns shoots bb use that are plastic and designs to be non lethal. The guns themselves also propel bb’s using air which is not fast enough to cause injury. All of this exists by design since airsoft is not a game where you want people to get hurt.

Below is a calculation that I found on one of the forums

A simple calculation: An average airsoft gun fires a .20 gram bb at 360 feet per second. This gives the gun a muzzle energy of 0.89 foot-pounds, or 1.14 joules. In comparison, a common 9mm round has a muzzle energy of around 383 foot-pounds, or 519 joules. Thats almost 500 times as powerful! A common air rifle, which isn’t quite lethal, is still about 20 times as powerful.

The injuries you need to be careful about in Airsoft

The injuries that you need to be careful about when playing airsoft are more related with the kind of field you’re playing them with the kinds of guns that I’ve been shot at you.

  1. Injuries from falls: falling from heights is one of the biggest dangers that you would be facing when playing airsoft. with your adrenaline pumping and you not been too careful to look where you are stepping, you are easily run rubble to falling off a ledge of a building or into an un guardrail stairwell. with many hours of games being played in abandoned buildings and old factories this danger is quite real.
  2. Being shot in the eyes: feeling to wear good eye protection will get you in trouble if you are hit. abb flying at 350 fps is likely to permanently damage your eyes if you are not protected using the right kind of goggles.
  3. Fire injuries: if you are using fire hazards like smoke grenades it is possible for you to get injured by not handling these hazards correctly.
  4. Ankle injuries: with most airsoft fields being ragans and having a lot of rocks and trees, another danger would be rolling your ankles when you’re running in an airsoft field.
  5. Being mistaken for a real firearm: with airsoft guns looking so similar to the real firearms, it is easy for someone to mistake your airsoft gun for a real one. This can become quite hairy if law enforcement is involved. Having an airsoft gun can lead to death if you’re stupid enough to point it at a police officer.

Airsoft safety gear you need to carry when going to the field.

having goods safety gear will help you reduce your chances of injury dramatically when playing airsoft. The most essential gear is eye protection. The rest of the gear will just help you reduce the pain of being shot on the bare skin but you can do without it and still have fun and be safe playing airsoft.

Here is my recommended lists of airsoft gear that you might want to check out.

Airsoft Protective Vest

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Airsoft Protective vests help in guarding your chest from bbs that may be shot at close range.

Airsoft goggles

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The proper airsoft safety goggles should naturally exceed ANSI Z87.1 High Impact Requirements so as to keep the eyes safe even when high velocity bbs come at you from close range.

airsoft mask

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Airsoft Masks help protect your face from the sharp sting caused by bbs on you face.

Airsoft Protection Kit

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Padding on you knees will help you prevent scrapes on your knees when you hit the the ground if you trip on a branch or something.

Airsoft Helmets

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A good airsoft helmet will help you prevent serious injury if you trip and fall when on your airsoft game. Plus they also look cool when you have them on.

Airsoft Gloves

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Aside from looking really cool, Airsoft gloves help shield your hands from bbs which might also come from close range.

Airsoft Neck Protection

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A normal scarf would do when you want to protect your face but you but you may also want to have custom gear.

Airsoft Gun Cases

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Now a good airsoft gun case will protect you from a world of legal challenges and will also help you get your airsoft gun to and from an airsoft game without brandishing it  in public which is a crime and can get you in serious legal trouble.

Can an airsoft gun kill a bird?

It is possible to kill a small bird using an airsoft gun. Concerning how moral this is, I will leave for you to discuss but it is possible but not very easy. This is because it depends on the size of bird you are shooting,  the type of gun you are using, how far you are from the target and the size of the bb that you are using.

Since airsoft guns are not primarily designed for this purpose, you may not have a lot of success if you want to use Airsoft guns as your way of hunting.

Using Airsoft Guns for pest control

There are a number of ways that you can control pests and you may consider airsoft as one of them. I would advise against it as your main pest control strategy since there are  have many more effective means of eliminating pests in your yard then shooting at them with a bb gun.

However, you can be able to kill small rodents using a bb gun but you will have to be a really good shot to be able to achieve this.