How to Make Your Airsoft Gun Quieter. Its Not Very Easy.

I have finished reading a thread on how to silence an airsoft gun and the discussion was so advanced that I felt completely out of place as a beginner. They were throwing around a lot of jargon and I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying. It got me wondering, Is there an easy way of making my airsoft gun quieter. Since I don’t have a lot of technical experience and I am still learning about Airsoft Guns, I decided to look for a solution that was easy to implement and simple enough for me to do without assistance. Here is the research that I did.

The easiest way to make your airsoft gun more quiet is by wrapping a piston coil with a strip of foam and inserting it into the inside of an empty suppressor. This reduces the noise that will come from the bb as it leaves the barrel. There are other methods of making your airsoft gun, quiet but this is the easiest to implement.

Which Part of Your Airsoft Gun Makes the Most Noise?

The first question you need to ask yourself before choosing any methods to make your airsoft gun more quiet is, where does your gun make the most noise from. Depending on the type of gun you are using, some other methods below may not work well for your particular gun so please read through all of them and choose the one that works best for the type of airsoft gun that you have.

Wrapped coil spring inserted into an empty suppressor

Difficulty: Easy

Effectiveness:  ( Meh… Depends on the gun type)

Here is the video that explains this

What you will need:

  • Coil Spring
  • Strip of foam
  • Mock suppressor

Now this is where the problem is. Suppressors are technically illegal in the USA, especially when they have foam on them. This is because they are considered to be feal firearm accessories that would be used to silence a real firearm. This makes this method tricky and you may want to stay away from this method unless you consult your local law.

Here is a video from Airsoftology that explains this a bit better

Method 2 Shimming Your Airsoft Gearbox

Difficulty: Very Hard (DO NOT do this if you do not know what you are doing)

Effectiveness: Very Effective (Great for AEGs)

Now let me level with you.  The part of the airsoft gun that makes the most noise Especially for AEGs  is the gearbox and there’s no easy way to make this part of your airsoft gun more silent.

Shimming your airsoft gun involves optimizing the spaces between the gears in the gearbox to ensure that they have no more space than they need to run smoothly. You also need to ensure that the gears are not too tight to cause unnecessary strain on the motor or cause unnecessary friction.

Now Shimming an airsoft gun is not simple and I would not recommend it for aa beginner. It involves taking apart the gears on your gearbox to their individual pieces and then use small spacers (shims) to precisely align the gears in an AEG gearbox so that they operate smoothly.

In order to get your airsoft gun perfectly shimmed, I would encourage you to take your AEG to an Airsoft Technician who knows what they are doing. I would encourage you to ask around your airsoft field for recommendations on good techs near you. A recommendation may give you the best experience and will help reduce the uncertainty of not knowing the quality of work that the tech has.

Now if you are feeling adventurous, check out the following material on how to shim your own airsoft gun.

This video is a step by step guide on shimming your airsoft gun

Another resource you may need to read is the fixit article on how to properly shim an airsoft AEG. This is NOT an affiliate link and I am not being paid to recommend the two resources. I just think that they are worth checking out.

What else does shimming help my gun with?

Proper shimming of your airsoft gun improves the efficiency of your airsoft gun by spacing the gears in your gearbox in a way that reduces the friction between them without creating unnecessary space between them. The improved efficiency has some other advantages other than reducing the noise in your AEG:

Less Wear and Tear

Shiming helps reduce the friction between the gears of your AEG and this generally results in lower stress levels on other parts of the gun. The part that gets the most benefit from shimming is the motor. The energy from the motor is transferred efficiently and this reduces the chances of you damaging your motor.

Protecting your gears from breaking

With reduced friction between the gears and less strain in all the parts, you are less likely to break the the teeth of your gears In your gearbox.

Better Battery Life

Since there is less friction between the moving parts of your airsoft gun, you will have a better battery life since its not straining to deliver the shot

Better Rate of Fire

Again, the energy  that was previously lost in the friction is now transferred to your bb and this will improve your rate of fire.

Let me reiterate, you will get a good shim if you get your gun shimmed by someone who knows what they are doing. Take your gun to a tech or prepare yourself extensively to ensure that you get the best results.

Dangers of Poor Shimming

When your airsoft gun is shimmied incorrectly, you will have a number of performance challenges with your gun and its life may reduce drastically. Here are a few of the worst kind of dangers that I found.

Reduced FPS

Its possible to reduce the efficiency of your airsoft gun by shimming it if you do it incorrectly. There may be increased friction or incorrectly placed gears that result in the airsoft gun shooting slower

Broken gear teeth

The teeth of the gears need to be really accurately fitted with each other. Misalignment will result to strain that weakens the teeth and eventually causes them to break. When this happens, your now truly needs to be taken to a tech to fix it and you may need to replace some gears to get it back up.

Damaged motor

The increased strain on the motor will result in the motor having to work harder to get the job done. This will eventually weaken the motor and it may result in critical damage where it stops working.

Louder noise

Improper shimming may increase the noise coming from your AEG’s gearbox. This is due to gears rubbing on each other unnecessarily.


While making your airsoft gun more quiet is something that you can do yourself. You may encounter challenges that may require technical knowledge. Make sure you know how your gun works and how each part works with each other to ensure that you are prepared for the challenges that will come from taking your gun apart. However, my advice is that you look for a good airsoft tech to shim your gun to avoid finding yourself in a tricky position.